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Mindfulness and Meditation Coaching

Learn to relieve stress, inspire your spirit and improve performance by quieting the mind. Sessions are personalized based on your needs and specific goals. At your first session, your coach will meet with you to discuss your current health, lifestyle, motivation and goals. Your coach will then develop a personalized MIND Rx strategy to assist you in using meditation and mindfulness as a vehicle to quiet your mind, achieve these goals and find your edge.

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Meditation Podcasts

Are you new to meditation? We're excited to offer the following podcasts to introduce you to meditation and help guide you through a meditation.

Introduction to Meditation - 9:08

Breath counting is one of the simplest forms of meditation.
Breath Counting - 8:56

This healing heart meditation can be used to open your heart and connect even more deeply with these qualities that are your true nature.
Healing - 13:11

This loving-kindness meditation will increase your capacity to hold yourself in compassion and will also allow you to spread that infinite well of compassion to others in your life: your friends, your family, people in need, your coworkers, and maybe even someone you're in conflict with.
Loving Kindness - 12:53

Mantra meditation is the repetition of a word that has specific meaning to you.
Mantra - 9:14

Alternate nostril breathing is a specific type of pranayama used to balance the mind and body and increase your ability to concentrate.
Pranayama: Alternate Nostril Breathing - 16:58

One of the main reasons you may have come to meditation is to decrease anxiety and stress in your life, and using the breath is one of the most effective ways.
Pranayama: Three-Part Exhalation - 10:11